District 55 AA Trusted Servants
A Trusted Servant is a member of an A.A. Group who helps make the meeting possible. Trusted Servant positions include the Secretary, Treasurer and Intergroup Representative (IGR). A.A. has long had a tradition of active member participation and communication throughout the entire organization.

DCM                               dcm55@area72aa.org

Alternate DCM               altdcm55@area72aa.org

Accessibility                   dist55accessibility@area72aa.org

Archives                         dist55archives@area72aa.org

Corrections                    dist55corrections@area72aa.org

Literature                       dist55lit@area72aa.org

Secretary                       dist55secretary@area72aa.org

Treasurer                       dist55treasurer@area72aa.org

Treatment                       dist55treatment@area72aa.org

Web                                dist55web@area72aa.org