These are the District 55 AA printed schedules in an image form, and below those are the .PDF’s available for download.
Soon there will be a meeting guide similar to what can be found on the Area 72 website:
The meetings on this schedule are arranged by day of the week, then the time frame AM to PM.
Each meeting has a different name, but they are all AA Meetings welcome to all Alcoholics and those with a desire to stop drinking.

There are letters next to each meeting that reference specific information that pertain to that meeting.
A meeting that reads “Men’s” meeting is specifically for men, and the “Women’s” meetings are specifically for women.
Here are the meanings to the letters beside the meetings:
O ) Open Meeting – Open to All S) Smoking Meeting Z) Zoom Only Meeting (Yellow Highlighted)
C) Closed Meeting – Alcoholics Only R) Registered Group ZO) Zoom Option (Teal Highlighted)
NS) Non-smoking Meeting WC/HA) Wheelchair/Handicapped Accessible